About The Artist

Nifer KilakilaNifer Kilakila is creative mastermind behind NifNaks.

She has always taken great delight in creating things with her hands, and the special joy and interconnectedness one gets from realizing a truly unique vision. She started NifNaks to share that joy — or, as she says, “to create opportunities for other people’s delight, because the world is a happier place when people go ‘Squee!'”

She loves experimenting in new mediums, which is how she discovered felting wool in 2006 while attending the Bay Area’s first Maker Faire. She instantaneously fell in love with the soft, sensual wool, and the infinite possibilities it has to offer. She has been enchanted ever since.

Working primarily with felting wool, Nifer creates a menagerie of charming critters, decorative accessories and other assorted curiosities, each one a unique piece of art. Because she is self-taught, Nifer takes an unconventional approach to the traditional medium of felting wool, and enjoy exploring how to take it to the next level. She expresses her creativity through many types of mediums, from culture jamming to building the Burning Man , all which she believes can only further enrich her perspectives on how to do this.

Adventure and new experiences are very important to her, each new experience an opportunity to learn & grow. She loves to explore the minutiae in life and tries to be present and find joy in the simplest things. While roaming around in nature, she will often stick something in her mouth just to see what it tastes and feels like. She licks her plate, regardless of where she is.

Nifer balances being cute, silly, and playful with pretending to be a tough grrrl. She rides her BMW F650 motorcycle daily and enjoys getting her hands greasy whenever she tries to learn how to fix it. Nifer is passionate with Muay Thai kickboxing, and has been training in it for upwards of 6 years.

Nifer lives in San Francisco, where she continually seeks out all the whimsy and inspiration the city has to offer. Life makes her gleeful.