Love & Hate, triptych, 2011

Love & Hate, triptych, 2011

 As with all of my work, my triptych sculpture “Love & Hate” is made entirely out of merino wool. These are not felt-covered objects nor is there a foam base nor a wire frame beneath the surface. It is 100% tightly packed, hot-pink merino wool which was sculpted by poking it thousands of times using barbed felting needles.

I choose to work entirely in merino wool for all of my sculptures, because it makes for a soft, supple, and extremely excellent felting wool due to it’s small fiber diameter. With diligent work, the surface of a needle-felted item has the potential to be extremely smooth, with little indication of the needle holes.

Sculpting in wool is very different than sculpting in clay or stone. Sculpting with wool is essentially an additive process with little ability to undo. The applying the wool is a very organic process and it is constantly changing as you work with it. Whether it be wet felting or needle-felting, it is very difficult to control the very specific direction of the wool. All the fibers are being matted together in a variety of directions, so the end result, no matter how much the artist tries to control it, tend to mush and curve inward.

For these reasons, it is extremely challenging to create geometric shapes, like flat surfaces, perfect circles, squares, edges, etc. Even more challenging, creating a geometric recess in an object, is the hardest of all. (Like seen in the barrel of the Glock, below.)

I really enjoy the challenge of creating something geometric through needle-felting. For all the reasons why it **isn't** the ideal medium for sculpting these shapes, is precisely the reason why I seek to do it. I love figuring how to make it work, how to make the medium do my bidding. And so, like one’s journey through life, no matter how much work I put into these objects, they will never be perfect—they can never be perfect.

I spent hours upon hours stabbing the wool, watching as it compacted and distorted. Then I added more wool, continuing to stab and watch it form in unpredictable ways, and continued again… With such an intense focus with the intention of recreating these weapons realistically, I became intimately familiar with the objects. I was fully present in the experience of observing the subject of my gaze. Thus, these sculptures become only the documentation of my mindful meditation on them.

 Love & Hate, triptych, 2011 — $1,200

Contact [email protected] for gallery shows or purchase.

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Baby Sloths are Rad

I just got back from Costa Rica, but before I could completely go through all my photos, I just had to share a picture or two of the baby sloths that my sweetie & I visited at the Sloth Sanctuary.

The Cuteness, it will burn your eyes!

Finally, I leave you with my sweetie communing with a baby sloth….

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My First Trip To Europe!

I just got back from a loverly trip to Europe to visit my brother who has been working out there. There is so much I could write about and so many pictures I could share, but I’ll just pick a handful to share, which struck me one way or another…..

I got lost in Neus RatHaus in Germany!

Bunnies hanging out at the market:

Hourly or daily rental bikes in Belgium:

Gigantic chocolate sculptures in the Belgium chocolate shops:

Very cool chandeliers hanging in the M. C. Escher Museum:

Strong winds on the Hoek van Holland:

And finally, I just HAD to buy clogs in Delft, Holland . A lovely trip indeed.

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Baby Seal Goes Clubbing

I waited to post this because I was giving it to a friend as a Christmas gift this past weekend and didn’t want to spoil the surprise….

Here is one angry seal, who is out for revenge. She holds a bloody club in her paw, and an evil look in her eye.

Detail of magnetic paw and removable magnetic bloody club:

Watch out fur-lovers!

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Can you guess who the voting panda is?

You guessed it! Me!

I hope y’all voted today.

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Maker Faire 2010

Maker Faire 2010 was an amazing time! So many people interested in the needle felting kits! For those interested in doing needle felting I’ve created a simple downloadable pdf needle felting tutorial.

Thanks to all the makers and all the makers yet to be who made this year’s Maker Faire the best yet!

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Introducing FuzzBotz!!

My first experiment in working with soft circuitry, and what better way to use them in these fuzzy-wuzzy robots….

Fear not!

These mechanical marvels serve but one function – to make you smile! They're more than meets the eye; instead of gears and servos, they're made of soft, fuzzy adorableness. Each of them has a personality of it's own, from anxious to glum to goofy. Careful – they may assimilate your heart into their matrix of lovability!

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Banksy Was Here

Rumors were around town that artist, Banksy, had visited San Francisco leaving some of his artwork in his wake. Yesterday I decided to go out hunting for Banksy and was rewarded with a few pieces:

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The Disrespectful Summons

For this year’s Edward Gorey Ball, I wasn’t sure if I could ever make a costume that would even be in the same league as last year when I became Winnie Embedded In Ice. But, my sweetie and I were determined to see if we could try, and I think the power of this costume comes from the fact that we did it as a matching pair.

Remember Ed Gorey ’s The Disrespectful Summons ? Well, I decided to become Miss Squill, as she was being dragged down to hell. For this I knew that I needed to make my skirt going up in flames, and what better way than to hand paint some flames….

Insert some flickering electric tea lights….

Attach it to a hand-made Victorian skirt, and voila!

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Cthrong of Cthulhu

Well after a solid month of felting wool and the occasional blood sacrifice here or there, my huge order for ThinkGeek is almost ready to ship out!

A Cthrong of Cthulhu take over my dining room…

oooOOOOOOooo, Spooky!

Ready to take over the world…

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